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Kodiak taking winner's dog for a 4 point Major which completed his Championship
February 2, 2008 in Atlanta, GA.

Sire: Ch. Phenix's Genuine Draft
Dam: Phenix's Jasmind Yur Bizness
Kodiak's Pedigree

Kodiak completed his Championship in Atlanta, GA on February 2, 2008.

Kodiak is very standard size typey male weighing in at 56 pounds. Kodiak's strength's start with his head. Kodiak has an exceptional turn up of jaw, correct layback and angles on his head. Kodiak's next strength is his front which has excellent width and depth. In additional Kodiak is short backed with heavy bone throughout, a solid top line and has wonderful movement. No bulldog is perfect and with that in mind we would like to see a little smaller ear, slightly lower tail set and a little better angles in his rear.


Kodiak's Photo Album
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Left: 1st Major Win at the Inverness Kennel Club, FL in January 2008
Right: Kodiak awarded BOW/BOS October 2007

Kodiak  Kodiak
Left: Kodiak practicing for the show ring ; Right: Learning to stack


Kodiak's Pedigree

Ch. Phenix's Genuine Draft Ch. Helfyre Warmvalley Sixspence Ch. Little Ponds Chief Ch. Cherokee Legend Garth
Ch. Little Ponds Splash
Ch. Helfyre's Warmvalley April Ch. Warmvalley Buddy Boy
Ch. Helfyre's One Hot Number
Ch. Phenix's Cover Girl Ch. Dunbrae Prime Time Ch. Prestwick Gawain
Ch. Prestwick Morgana
Ch. Phenix's Fatal Beauty Ch. Little Ponds Chief
Ch. DK's PH.D.
Phenix's Jasmind Yur Bizness Ch. Little Ponds Chief Ch. Cherokee Legend Garth Ch. Prestwick Gawain
Ch. Cherokee Mardell Sage
Ch. Little Ponds Splash Ch. T Town Gustav With Gusto
Little Pond's Blonde Ambition
Phenix Sadie Is No Lady Ch. Millcoats Luke Ch. Cherokee Mardel Vincent
Ch. Millcoats Luke
Ch. DK's PH.D. Ch. Smashercal JBrare Bigmatic
DK's I Want It Now